Teach programming

Cut administration

Silico makes remote programming assignments a breeze. It's in the browser, automatic hand-in, easy marking

It's like having a software lab ready for students

...without ever having to contact IT


End the struggle with student code

Silico takes care of running code, you can focus on teaching and evaluation

Automatic hand-in

Set the due date and don't worry, assignments are locked and ready for evaluation when you want!

Start with a link

Copy, paste, email! Use a link to get students started, or have them start through the UI!

Assignments are built on a scientific reproducibility engine

make your code available, ready when you are

Scientific modelling

Code as a description of scientific phenomena

Data, input, output

Models are structured around concepts important to scientists

Replicate. Reproduce.

Clone code and environments. Everything is managed for you.


Programming Languages

Silico supports some of your favourite programming languages; Python, R, Blang. so you never have to configure a language environment!

Code Libraries

Silico will manage third-party language libraries for each supported language; installing, upgrading and removing them. Never juggle libraries again.


Create interactive tutorials for people who view your models. Tutorials will guide you and your users step-by-step through complex code.

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