Silico. Scientific modelling made easy.

Silico is a browser based application that makes it easy to build scientific models, which allows you to concentrate on what you love - teaching.


Painlessly create assignments for students.

Silico is built in the browser, so there is no need for you, or your students, to download and install specialized software.

Upload your own data

Or create your assignments using one of the many data files in our public library. The possiblities are endless.

Run Models and reproduce results!

Silico has seamless version control to allow you to reproduce your model at any point in its history.


Programming Languages

Silico supports some of your favourite programming languages; Python, R, Blang. so you never have to configure a language environment!

Code Libraries

Silico will manage third-party language libraries for each supported language; installing, upgrading and removing them. Never juggle libraries again.

Interactive Tutorials

Create interactive tutorials for people who view your models. Tutorials will guide you and your users step-by-step through even the most complex scientific code.

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