Silico Early Access

Early Access (EA) is the first milestone release of Silico, a web-based environment for building model-based scientific code.

What does EA mean for you?

Improving the Software

EA is all about getting as much feedback from users as possible in order to improve the software. If you're using Silico, you should not hesitate to talk to us about anything. Here are some points to get you started:

  • Features, focus and development priorities can all change based on your feedback.
  • If something seems broken, wrong or peculiar - you're right, it probably is!
  • Any thoughts related to specific features, or the website as a whole, are valuable.
  • We want positive feedback.
  • We want negative feedback.
  • We want everything and anything in-between.

Development Priorities

This is a list of what we're working on, in no particular order. It is subject to change, largely based on feedback.

  • Tutorial UI/UX
  • Uploading data files
  • More robust running of models
  • Info about installed libraries
  • Enabling hot keys
  • Completing "command" menus
  • Cloning of models
  • Extracting all your data

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