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Frequently Asked Questions

What are "resources"

Memory and CPU dedicated to running your models.

What are "small runs"

Ideally, users will rarely run into limits, and the small run limits are soft caps. The objective is to align the cost of a plan with the type of work the user is doing.

For example, many student programs will run very quickly and use only a minimum of resources. Ensuring that student plans will not be used for long-running computations allows us to offer cheaper plans for these users.

The soft cap will not take you by surprise, you'll receive a notification if there's an issue.

Are computers fast?

Yes, computers are fast. Unless you're doing some serious number crunching, you can get a lot done in a short amount of time.

Will a run be cut off if I exceed the time limit?

Not usually, it's a soft cap. We monitor and may do so if the limit is regularly exceeded by significant amounts.

If you're regularly exceeding the length of a small run, it's probably time to think about upgrading to a plan built around more, or unlimited compute time.

What is "data"

We think of data as an important file, or set of files, in the scientific context. Usually this means data that is useful outside of a particular model or program.

What is with the "coming soon" plans?

In the future we intend to offer plans that provide things like more computational resources, features for long-running or concurrent jobs, and more. If you have feedback for what you'd like to see, please contact us, these plans are placeholders!

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